Girls Got The BLUES
The "Ultimate Girl Time"

Lara Price

Lara Price is the founder of Girls Got The Blues was born in the war torn country of Vietnam in 1975 and abandoned at birth, Lara became a part of the controversial “Operation Baby Lift”, a mass evacuation of orphans from South Vietnam to the United States. As 90 percent of the orphaned babies did not survive, her journey out of Vietnam to her new home was nothing short of a miracle. Indeed, Lara is truly a survivor in every sense.
Price was adopted by an Air Force family and was encouraged to participate in sports, dance and music. Lara discovered the power of music at the tender age of 5, when her mother enrolled her into Ballet class. It was at dance class that Lara learned to feel music in her bones. At 6, Lara was enrolled in piano lessons and at 12 she found her singing voice. Price sang her way through junior high and high school, and continued her vocal studies operatically at BSU.
Lara returned to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997 to pursue her dream of singing in a band. The journey of Lara’s music career includes tours across the United States and China. It also includes 6 CD’s and 1 live DVD. Like many full time musicians, Lara fronts and leads several musical projects. As of late the Vizztone Records picked up Lara’s 6th release “I Mean Business”.
“Now comes this captivating new release by the Bay Area’s Lara Price, who combines Gladys Knight’s sophistication with Mavis Staple’s grit.”
By Steve Morse| Boston Globe November 19, 2015